Hotel Sun White

Hotel Sun White is just a 1-minute walk from Tanimachi 4 Chome Station on the Osaka Metro.
5 minutes walk to Osaka Castle.
Attractions in Osaka such as Namba and Umeda are less than 20 minutes away by train.

All rooms have free Wi-Fi .
Each room has a flat screen TV, electric kettle and air purifier with humidification function.
Free toiletries (toothbrush, hairbrush, razor, cotton swab), hairdryer, towels, pajamas, etc. are also available.
The hotel has a coin launderette available 24 hours a day.

~ Notice ~

Response to the spread of new coronavirus-associated pneumonia

◆ For the safety of our customers, the front desk staffs and other employees are wearing masks.

◆ Alcohol-based disinfectant is installed at the hotel  front desk.

Employees are also thoroughly sterilizing their hands and fingers to prevent infection.

◆ When cleaning the inside of the building including the guest rooms, we have thorough wiping and disinfection with an alcohol-based disinfectant, so please stay at ease.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

[Consecutive night cleaning (Eco activities for the environment)]
HOTEL SUN WHITE promotes eco-friendly eco activities.
We ask that guests staying for 2 nights or more cooperate with simple cleaning.
We will give one bottle of mineral water to the customer who cooperated.
※ Water will be for the number of people.

《Limited to customers who booked on the official website》
Normally 14:00 check-in-11:00 check-out
12:00 check-in-12:00 check-out free of charge.

On the first floor of the hotel is "Chinese Cuisine Tokaen". Lunch, dinner and banquet courses are also available, so please enjoy the authentic Chinese flavor.